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Des Moines Iowa Hardcore Metal EST1998

Earth-born and bound for life- never had the chance, nor choice to clear the stones away. Volcanic vents stir all the nutrients. Evolution breaks the silence down. Or takes the words away. -Rising up to spiral back down. -Creating lifetimes in the space of one breath.
Too slow to grow beyond our fate, just sentient enough to know just how to mess it up. Broken boughs show where our cradle started out, the weight of the world brought us down to where we belong: home.
We are only insects in the sky. We spread our wings as if to fly.... Just for a moment we are free (1st): to breathe the air, to dream of life, and then just die. (2nd): to feel the pain, the loss, the sorrow, then just die.


Still-born. Return to home. Refuse emotions as we refuse acknowlegement. The light grows dim like when all time begins. The coldness comforts nothing as this will only start again. HOME.